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Step 4: Communicate

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Information Literacy Lessons: Communicate




*Though many of these have certain grade levels listed, most could be adapted to any grade with minor tweaks.*


Lesson: Presenting Research: Determining the Form of Presentation (grades 2-12)

Students will make an appropriate choice regarding the form of representation for presenting their research project, taking six questions into consideration.


Lesson: Creating a Clear, Accurate, Engaging Presentation (grades 3-12)

Students will generate a list of ideas for creating a clear, accurate, engaging presentation. They will create a presentation that is easily understood, correct, and intriguing to an audience. They will learn to self-assess.


Lesson: Making an Effective Presentation (grades 2-12)

Students will learn how to effectively deliver their presentations and they will practice their presentations using identified presentation "Do's and Dont's." 


Worsheet: Presentation Format Ideas (grades K-12)

List of 150 ways of possibly presenting information in oral, visual, written, and media formats. (I personally like that Puppet Show is one of the options!)

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