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Step 3: Conclude

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Information Literacy Lessons: Conclude




*Though many of these have certain grade levels listed, most could be adapted to any grade with minor tweaks.*


Lesson: Citing Sources (grades 3-12)

Students will understand that they have a responsibility to respect intellectual property rights, understand that they must say what they want to say using their own words, and include a list of all the information sources used.


Lesson: Note Taking (grades 3-12)

Students will determine appropriate information to transfer from a highlighted article to note cards, copy information to note cards, and cite sources on the bottom of note cards.


Lesson: Note Taking on Sources Other Than Text (grades 4-12)

Students will know that information can be found in a variety of sources and they will be able to evaluate and take notes from these various sources.


Lesson: Reflecting on and Refining of Information Gathered (grades 2-12)

Students will understand that after they have gathered information for a question/topic that they should evaluate whether that information is sufficient or whether they will need to either gather more information or refine their topic.


Lesson: Using Graphic Organizers (grades 2-12)

Students will synthesize the information gathered for their research topic in a concept map, reflect on their concept map, and determine whether they have enough information or need to gather more information for various aspects.


Worksheet: What I Know, What I Want to Learn, What I Learned, Sources I Used (grades K-2)

Have the students use the worksheet to analyze all the information they found to see if they have enough or need more.


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