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Language Arts and Information Literacy

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Lessons Incorporating Information Literacy and Language Arts


Standards: I. Reading and Literature



Overview: Students will examine the American dream (if it exists, its many meanings, if it is achievable) through the lens of American novels, authors, and characters. In addition to exploring a variety of literature, students will record and listen to real stories of people who are working toward the American dream. Then they will write a dramatic version of an American dream story.

Standards: Research Process, Reading/Media Literacy


Standards: II. Writing



Overview: Students will identify and research local issues which concern them by using the internet and print sources. They will then argue a position on the issue in letters to two different audiences, addressing their own purposes and considering the needs of the audiences in each letter. Students will work with peer groups as they draft and revise their letters before sending them to the intended readers.

Standards: Research Process, Technology Use, Reading/Media Literacy, Responsible Use


Standards: III. Speaking, Listening, and Viewing



Overview: After exploring the historical information surrounding H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" broadcast, students will create criteria for effective audio dramatizations. They will then compose their own dramatizations (radio presentations, podcasts, or audiobooks) of a selected scene from an in-class reading.

Standards: Research Process, Technology Use, Reading/Media Literacy



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Offers standards-based teaching materials as well as professional development resources, student materials, guidelines for language art-based instruction and assessment, advocacy tools, and interactive, media-rich activities. Use the blue box at the left to search by keyword or browse by grade level, lesson plan, student interactives, etc. ReadWriteThink was established as a partnership between the International Reading Association and National Council of Teachers of English.



These standards-based resources include lesson plans, student materials, reviewed web resources, and interactives. Use the search box at the right of the page to search, and don't forget to limit to resource type, grade level, and subject.



TrackStar allows you to add your own lesson plans that you can then easily share with students, or search through thousands that have already been added by other educators. Use the search bar at the right to search TrackStar (and you can limit by subject and grade).



Choose the age level and then look through all the different classroom materials for many different subject areas: architecture, art history, creative thinking, critical thinking skills, dance, drama, film, media studies, music, photography, storytelling, and visual arts.


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New York Times Language Arts Lesson Plans

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